FPP Newsletter: June 3, 2015

Stocking up on Summer’s Harvest!

Now is the time of the year that tomatoes are plentiful in North Florida. We saw miles of tomato plants on this week’s farm run to Hoover Organic Farm. And that’s good news if you like to make your own sauce! We are stocking up — This week we’ve added Canning Tomatoes by the bushel under the “Bulk Items” tab and Kristy from Jones Family Jams has graciously helped us with a step by step tutorial on preserving diced tomatoes (See “Veggie Unearthed” below).
In addition to tomatoes, blueberries are now bursting with flavor and in full swing at Harriett’s Bluff Organic Blueberry Farm of Woodbine, GA. Prices have dropped and we have added blueberries by the flat to the store. Freezing blueberries is super simple and gives you the opportunity to use the local organic berries for months to come. We pop them into smoothies for a berry delicious morning (excuse the pun) or eat the frozen berries as an after dinner snack.
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Newsletter: May, 27 2015

FPP to Start Delivering Eggs & Cheese!

Good news for all those folks who have been patiently waiting for our new certification. We are now able to add dairy to our online store! We spent hours this week chatting with farmers and producers and are excited to introduce Wainsright Dairy Cheese (Pasteurized and Raw) and Lake Natural Meadows Free Range Eggs (non-GMO) this week. We know many of you have been waiting! We will be adding more products to our store over the next few weeks.

Lake Meadows Naturals

Lake Meadows Natural, located in Ocoee, FL, is owned and farmed by Dale Volkert. Dale moved to Central Florida in 2000 and purchased the property on Lake Meadow.The day the property closed, chickens were delivered in honor of his father — 44 years to the date of his father’s first flock delivery. He even received the chickens from the same hatchery.

Dale started small, giving away most eggs to his friends and selling some through Local Harvest. All the chickens are free-range, roaming pastures and eating bugs! He feeds good quality, vegeterian feed and does not use antibiotics. With his passion for clean and humanely produced food, Dale expanded Lake Meadow Naturals visibility by joining Slow Foods Orlando.  Today, the success of his farming is shared in the culinary world, health stores, markets, and now FPP!

Wainright Dairy

Wainright Dairy, a 300+ acres dairy farm located in Live Oak, FL, is owned and operated by the Wainwright family.  Their farm produces milk and cheese “the way God intended” — all natural. The farm uses no hormones or antibiotics and their grasses are non-GMO crops . The happy cows graize in the pasture except for when they are being milked twice a day.

Carl Wainwright began in the dairy industry in 1958 working for Gustafson’s in Green Cove Springs. In the late 60’s along with his wife, Gail, he started farming in Suwannee County. As their family grew, their dream of a family farm became a reality. Their sons, James and Roy ,work at the dairy and their daughters, Lisa and Cheryl (and their families), help in the cheese plant. Using fresh milk, the Wainwrights make cheese twice weekly. It truly has become a family operation! 

If you have any questions please contact us at fp@frontporchpickings.com.

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Newsletter: May 21, 2015

Getting to Know Jones Family Jams

Inside most every local company is an awesome story! Kristy Jones, of Jones Family Jams, started her business here in Orange Park in 2013. She was looking to make a little extra money on the weekends and had no idea that it would turn into a full-time labor of love. Each month she turns out nearly 1000 jars and sells to customers at local farmers markets and through businesses like Front Porch Pickings.
Taught by her MawMaw, Kristy started making jams when she was 8. It was family tradition to learn how to preserve when tall enough to see over the stove! Some of the flavors rotate with the season, as she works with local farmers (and FPP) to include local fruit in her creations. Made in small batches, Kristy’s jams are always fresh and include all natural ingredients that you can pronounce — which is very important to all of us. If you haven’t checked out her jams yet, be sure to add one from our shop this week. Our personal favorites are Blueberry Peach, Carmel Apple, and Champagne Mango.
If you have any questions please contact us at fp@frontporchpickings.com.

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FPP News: May 13, 2015

FPP System Emails and Delivery Reminders

Did you know that you can control when your delivery reminders come to your email box. You can get as little or as many as you would like. Many of our customers set two reminder emails. The first one to be received on Monday as a reminder that the store is closing and to make any changes to their order. The second on delivery day as a reminder to set out the empty box and make any necessary arrangement to bring their fresh veggies inside!
To set or remove your email reminders log into your account. Select Account Options from the menu bar, and then the Delivery Reminder Emails icon. Here you can select the day or days you’d like to receive your delivery reminders. If you are having issues receiving our emails, please check your spam folder and mark our email as “not spam”. In addition, adding us to your email contact list will help.
If you have any questions please contact us at fp@frontporchpickings.com.

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Newsletter: May 7, 2015

Mother Nature is Turning up the Heat!

It’s a beautiful day here in Florida. But keep in mind as the spring veggies roll in, the summer heat turns on! Though we are seeing the end of leafy greens and lettuces that quickly perish in the heat, it’s still important to keep your veggies safe from the sun’s rays. If you are not home on delivery day simply set a cooler outside your door with a little ice. We will place your delivery inside your cooler, including the box its packed in. Keeping the veggies inside the waxed cardboard box helps to insulate and keeps the cold veggies snugly packed together. So please leave a cooler out that is big enough to set the box in upright — Your veggies will thank you!
Remember, FPP has a 100% guarantee on quality. If your veggies arrive looking like they’ve had heat stroke, contact us at fp@frontporchpickings.com.

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Newsletter: April 29, 2015

FPP Welcomes New Delivery Coordinator, Carrie Parker!

We want to welcome Carrie Parker to the FPP Team. She has graciously accepted a position as a Delivery Coordinator. A native to the area, she and her family currently live in Jacksonville’s Marietta Area. Carrie will be developing Jacksonville’s “Westside” including areas like Crystal Springs, Cecil Commerce Center, and Argyle Forest. We are excited to start delivering to the residents in these new neighborhoods! Be sure to say hello to lil’ Zach when you see them at your door.


Carrie picking oranges in her backyard with her son, Zack, onboard!
Please help us spread the word to your friends! And remember, for each new member that you refer, you will earn $10.00 in FPP credit good towards any item in our shop. Just ask your referral to use your name when registering.  There are no limits to how many customers — So keep talking! 
If you are interested in being a Delivery Coordinator for FPP, contact us at fp@frontporchpickings.com.

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Newsletter: April 22, 2015

Refer a Friend & Earn $10!

Did you know you earn FPP credit by referring your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors to us? All of us on the FPP Team understand that our customers are our biggest advocates and we want you to know that we greatly appreciate all the love! For each new member that you refer, you will earn $10.00 in FPP credit good towards any item in our shop. Just ask your referral to use your name when registering.  There are no limits to how many customers — So keep talking!
Refer a Friend

For more information contact fp@frontporchpickings.com

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