Heirloom Tomatoes


Like your favorite pug-nosed puppy, sometimes the best things come in imperfect packages. This week’s tomatoes from Mater’s and More is all about flavor over beauty. Heirloom tomatoes are not your average plasticky red tomato. Most conventional tomatoes have been bred, and in some corporate cases, engineered, to show up on store shelves looking exactly as the focus group tells TomatoCorp they like them – unreal red, hard as a rock and utterly without flavor.

Friends, don’t confuse this tomato with your average red tomato. Heirloom tomatoes are cultivated to appear and taste as they would have in your grandmother’s garden. The uneven color, craggy surface, funny shapes, and bizarre wholes mean only one thing – serious tomatoes.

We have packed the precious cargo in clamshells to help reduce any damage to their thin skins. We recommend you placing the tomato on your counter when you receive your order and opening the the lid to prevent premature ripening or molding.

The tomatoes are completely ripe, so be sure to eat them soon. And, the less you do to an heirloom, the better you can enjoy it. Our recipes this week reflect that idea. Enjoy!

Heirloom Tomato Recipes


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