FPP News: September 28th, 2016

5 Reasons Why LOCAL Food Rocks!

We may be preaching to the choir with this newsletter, but we thought we should put down in writing why supporting local food is so awesome. With the 2016 fall season coming into full bloom, now is the time to share with your friends and neighbors. Don’t forget, with every customer you refer, you’ll receive a $10 credit good towards anything in our online store!


1. Tastes better
Grown for taste and not for withstanding days of transportation — local produce bursts with flavor!

2. Is better for you
Nutritional value breaks down over time and with a shorter farm to table time frame than grocery stores, the nutritional value is higher. In fact, our produce is generally harvested within 24-48 hours of delivery!

3. Preserves genetic diversity and saves our soil
Local farms grow a wide variety of produce to provide a long harvest, greater variety and to help conserve our land. Planting an array of different items helps give nutrients back in the soil and keeps pests at a minimum.

4. Allows you to try new foods
Because local farmers are planting items that grow specific to our environment, your dinner plate will see items that you don’t often see at the grocery store. For example, we’ve recently had Malabar Spinach, Southern Peas, Persimmons, Florida Sand Pears, Fairytale Eggplant, & Roselle Pods. Pretty cool stuff!

5. Supports local farmers & their families
Last but not least, supporting local food puts money directly in the hands of our local farmers, sustaining our local land and our economy.

Thanks supporting local!

Amie & The FPP Team

Featured Items This Week


The Week’s Harvest

Our Local Producers: Brown’s Farm, Double Blake, Frog Song, Promised Land Organics, The Family Garden, Ben Wells Farm


Local Box:  Collard Greens, White Acre Peas, Roselle Pods, Slicing Tomatoes, Pickling Cucumbers, Zucchini, Vidalia Onions, NC Apples, and a Farmers’ Choice Item

Organic Box: Local Roselle Pods, Local Callaloo Greens, Lettuce, Radish, Local Jalapenos, Local Okra, Local Sweet Potatoes, Valencia Oranges, MacIntosh Apples

Fruit Only: Organic Kiwi, Organic Bananas, Local Persimmons, GA Muscadine Grapes, Organic Valencia Oranges, NC Apples, Organic Plums, Organic Pineapple

**please note that items may change due to weather or supply issues.

Veggie Unearthed: Roselle


Your Roselle came from Frog Song Organic in Hawthorne, FL — less than 100 miles from most of our customers’ homes.

We know we unearthed this last week, but want to be sure all of our customers ordering every other week know what to do with their Roselle!

It’s not very often that we run across a fruit or veggie that we don’t know, but Frog Song raised our eyebrow this season by offering Roselle. When they told us it was a species of the hibiscus our eyebrow went back to neutral and we held out our hands in excitement to get brewing!

The leaves on the Roselle plant is also edible and can be used like Mizuna or a spicy version of spinach. in fact, if you are familiar with Indian cuisine, you may have had the leaves in your Dal. This week, however, we will be receiving the red buds known as the calyces of the plant. These post-bloom pods are used in teas, jams, and other infusions like vinegars but is also used as a food coloring in the US and Europe.

We encourage you to use your Roselle fresh. However, the buds can be stored in the freezer for later use. Just add the whole bud into a freezer safe container that will prevent freezer burn. When ready to use, if using for tea, you can just add to the recipe. There is no need to peel or thaw.

To brew Roselle Tea:

  1. Add 1 pint Roselle to 2 Quarts water
  2. Bring to boil
  3. Turn heat off, steep 30 minutes to 12 hours
  4. Strain and sweeten as desired.

Additional Roselle Recipes


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