FPP News: Dec 3, 2015

Revive your Leftovers!

We hope you had a wonderful and delicious holiday with family and friends. Now that the feast is over and the fridge is full of Tupperware, pop that foodie hat on to make your leftovers — well — not so boring! Here are a few ideas we are working on in our kitchen this weekend.


  • Turkey Soup — After making our turkey broth, we added leftover wild rice & sausage stuffing, kale, onion, carrots, celery, and beets to create a hearty soup. Yes, I said beets — just a little warning, it does make the broth a little bit pink. We added to a ball jar and placed in the freezer for when it gets a little colder!
  • Cheesy Leftover Potato Pancakes – a perfect breakfast paired with sour cream and apple sauce!
  • Grilled Brie, Turkey, Cranberry and Avocado Sandwiches – take an extra 2 minutes to change your regular leftover turkey sandwich into a gourmet lunch.

Happy Cooking!

The FPP Team

Featured Items This Week


The Week’s Harvest

Our Local Producers: Blue Sky Farms, Beli Farms, Blue Sky Farms, Brown’s Farm, Butrico Groves, Frog Song Organics, Hoover Organic Farm, Promised Land Organics


Local Box:  Local Swiss Chard, Local Organic Red Mini Red Romaine, Local Organic Roselle, Local Organic Mizuna, Local Grape Tomatoes, Local Red Navel Oranges, Local Green Onions, Local Broccoli, Local Baby Pac Choy

Organic Box: Local  Organic Butterleaf Lettuce, Local Organic Lacinato Kale, Local Organic Cabbage, Organic Sweet Peppers, Organic Cucumbers, Organic Russet Potato, Organic Braeburn Apples, Local Organic Tokyo Turnips, Organic Cantaloupe

Grab & Go: Local Organic Butterleaf Lettuce, Organic Cucumber, Organic Cantaloupe, Local Broccoli, Local Tomatoes on the Vine, Organic Bananas, Local Fall Glo Tangerines, Local Red Navel Oranges, Organic Braeburn Apples

Salad Box: Local Organic Butterleaf Lettuce, Organic Cucumber, Local Broccoli, Local Tomatoes on the Vine, Organic Sweet Peppers, Local Organic Mini Red Romaine, Local Organic Mizuna, Local Green Onions, Organic Hass Avocado, Local Radish Mix

Fruit (Add-on): (Organic Cantaloupe, Organic Grape, Organic Bosc Pear, Local Fall Glo Tangerines), Organic Bananas, Local Red Navel Oranges, Organic Braeburn Apples

Smoothie Box: Organic Cantaloupe, Organic Bananas, Organic Braeburn Apples, Local Organic Green Kale, Local Grapefruit, Local Baby Spinach, Organic Kiwi, Organic Pineapple, Local Red Navel Oranges, Organic Green Apples, Organic Ataulfo Mango

**please note that items may change due to weather or supply issues.

Veggie Unearthed: Roselle


Your Roselle came from Frog Song Organic in Hawthorne, FL — less than 100 miles from most of our customers’ homes.

It’s not very often that we run across a fruit or veggie that we don’t know, but Frog Song raised our eyebrow this season by offering Roselle. When they told us it was a species of the hibiscus our eyebrow went back to neutral and we held out our hands in excitement to get brewing!

The leaves on the Roselle plant is also edible and can be used like Mizuna or a spicy version of spinach. in fact, if you are familiar with Indian cuisine, you may have had the leaves in your Dal. This week, however, we will be receiving the red buds known as the calyces of the plant. These post-bloom pods are used in teas, jams, and other infusions like vinegars but is also used as a food coloring in the US and Europe.

We encourage you to use your Roselle fresh. However, the buds can be stored in the freezer for later use. Just add the whole bud into a freezer safe container that will prevent freezer burn. When ready to use, if using for tea, you can just add to the recipe. There is no need to peel or thaw.

To brew Roselle Tea:

  1. Add 1 pint Roselle to 2 Quarts water
  2. Bring to boil
  3. Turn heat off, steep 30 minutes to 12 hours
  4. Strain and sweeten as desired.

Additional Roselle Recipes


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