FPP News: Nov 11, 2015

Easy Peasy Homemade Pie!

Looking for an easy pie recipe this Holiday Season? Jones Family Jams has your answer! Kristy has made three different pie fillings for you to choose from: Pecan, Apple, and Candy Apple Pecan. You just need to make (or buy) your crust, add the filling and bake.


The Candy Apple Pecan Pie is the best pie if you love the sweet taste of apples but want the crunch of pecans. It’s not as sweet as a traditional apple pie, plus the apples are thinly sliced so they don’t overwhelm the pecans. You may also use the filling to make a more unique crust-free cobbler — it’s amazing in a cast iron skillet with a crumble top. Or just use a couple of spoonfuls to top your vanilla ice cream! Check out all three flavors in our “Bakery” Tab. They will be available through December or until they sell out!

New Featured Food Artisan — Olive My Pickle!


Olive My Pickle is family-run by us founders Shai and Charlotte Tzabari and our two boys Noam and Avner. Shai is a born entrepreneur and runs a pretty tight ship at Olive My Pickle, probably from his 7 years of military service in the Israeli Air Force. A combination of discipline and extreme passion is behind the success of Olive My Pickle. Growing up, Shai spent spent hours in the kitchen of his grandparents– eastern European immigrants to Israel– who passed their old-world food traditions to Shai over the course of many meals throughout his childhood. Charlotte’s focus at Olive My Pickle is on the sales-marketing and brand side. Their past includes an organic farm project which lead them to start Olive My Pickle in 2010. You can find a few flavors of their pickles under the “Condiments” tab.

**IMPORTANT** Holiday Schedule

Mark your calendars now, FPP will be delivering the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas. ALL deliveries will be made one day earlier than your usual delivery day. We will be on holiday break (meaning we’ll be sleeping in and schlepping around the house, not running farm trips or packing veggie boxes) during the week of December 27 through January 2nd.

Featured Items This Week


The Week’s Harvest

Our Local Producers: Brown’s Farm, Butrico Groves, Frog Song Organics, Hoover Organic Farm, Promised Land Organics, Siembra Organic Farm


Local Box (Mini):  (Local Organic Hakurei Turnips, Local Organic Green Leaf Lettuce, Local Organic Bok Choy, Local Organic Green Beans, Local Green Onion, Local Navel Oranges), Local Organic Yellow Squash, Local Organic Cucumber, NC Apples 

Organic Box, (Mini): (Local Organic Green Leaf Lettuce, Local Organic Eggplant, Local Organic Napa Cabbage, Local Organic Zuchhini, Organic Winesap Apples, Organic Corn), Local Organic Romano Beans, Organic Carrots, Organic Haas Avocado

Grab & Go: Local Organic Green Leaf Lettuce, Local Organic Green Beans, Local Organic Cucumber, Organic Carrots, Organic Bananas, Organic Sungold Tomato, Organic Haas Avocado, Local Navel Oranges

Salad Box: Local Organic Green Leaf Lettuce, Organic Baby Carrots, Organic Sungold Tomato. Local Organic Napa Cabbage, Local Organic Hakurei Turnips, Local Green Onion or Pepper, Local Organic Easter Egg Radish, Organic Cucumber

Fruit (Add-on): (Organic Bananas, Organic Pineapple (Small), Organic Anjou Pear, Local Fall Glo Tangerines), Organic Kiwi, Local Navel Oranges, NC Apples

Smoothie Box: Organic Bananas, Organic Pineapple (Small), Organic Anjou Pear, Organic Kiwi, Organic Hass Avocado, Local Organic Green Kale, Organic Winesap Apple, Local Grapefruit, Organic Baby Spinach, Local Navel Oranges

**please note that items may change due to weather or supply issues.

Veggie Unearthed: Navel Oranges


Your Navel Oranges came to us from Butrico Groves in Mims, FL — Less than 100 miles of most our customers’ homes.

Navel Oranges ripen just about the time we are starting to think about Thanksgiving. This variety of citrus is sweet and great for peeling or slicing up and snacking. But don’t be afriad to mix it up a little by creating salads, cakes, and smoothies with your navels.

How do you know if a navel is ripe? A deeply orange colored navel is certainly pretty, but the color is not an indicator of how ripe or sweet the orange will be. In fact, navels can be green on the outside but perfectly ripe inside. The cold night air that we see in late November is what changes the navel from green to orange.

If you are going to use your oranges within a few days of delivery, you may store them at room temperature on your countertops. However, if you would like to maximize their shelf-life, place in the refrigerator.  For best results, do not place them in a plastic bag because this will trap in moisture and cause mold to grow.

Orange Recipes

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Returning your produce box clean and undamaged means that we can use it again and again. This keeps costs down, minimizes landfill waste and keeps our carbon footprint smaller. Boxes that aren’t returned will incur a $5.00 replacement fee, so be sure to put it out for pickup!

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