FPP News: July 22, 2015

It’s Summertime, Go Ahead — Treat Yourself to A Non-Cooked Meal!

Long hot days make the thought of cooking dinner hard to swallow. But we have created simple bundles that will keep your taste buds asking for more. And the best part — absolutely no cooking! Just open the hummus, slice the apples and cheese and feast your eyes on a perfectly delicious, no fuss dinner! We have a few options to choose from. Just click on the “Bundles” tab in the store to add to this week’s delivery.

  • Mezze Party Plate Bundle: Waldoch Honey, Hummus, Raw Cheddar Cheese, Raw Chipotle Cheese, Organic Apples, Cucumbers, Baby Carrots, Broccoli Florets, Dried Apricots — Add baguette separately to complete the meal!
  • Small Hummus Bundle: Hummus, Baby Carrots, Cucumbers
  • Small Cheese Bundle: Raw Cheddar Cheese, Baguette, Apples, Dried Apricots
  • Simple Summer Meal: Includes all items from both the small hummus and cheese bundle
  • Breakfast Bundle: Eggs, Sliced Bread, Jam & Peaches


Next Week’s Harvest

Our Local Producers: Beli Farms, Brown’s Farm, Double Blake Farms, Promised Land Organics, Homestead Organics


Local Box (Mini):  (Kalettes, Local Russet Potatoes, Peaches, Local Ginger, Organic Florida Avocado, Tomatoes), Mini Cucumbers, Beet Roots

Organic Box, (Mini): (Organic  Cabbage, Organic Grape Tomatoes, Organic Florida Mangoes, Organic Florida Avocado, Organic Cucumber, Organic Rainbow Carrots, Organic Pink Crisp Apples) Organic Pluots)

Grab & Go: Organic Florida Mango, Organic Rainbow Carrots, Organic Pluots, SC Peaches, Local Mini Cucumbers, Organic Bananas, Organic Salad Mix, Organic Oranges, Organic Florida Avocado

Salad Box: Local Mini Cucumbers, Organic Salad Mix, Organic Florida Avocado, Organic Cabbage, Organic Green Onion, Organic Broccoli, Local Cubanelle Peppers, Organic Baby Carrots

Fruit (Add-on): (Organic Florida Mango, SC Peaches, Organic Bananas, Organic Oranges), Organic Pluots, Organic Pineapple, Organic Pink Crisp Apples

Smoothie Box: SC Peaches, Organic Bananas, Organic Oranges, Organic Pineapple, Organic Limes, Organic Pink Crisp Apples, Organic Baby Kale, Organic FL Mango


Recipes Ideas:

**please note that items may change due to weather or supply issues.

Veggie Unearthed: Kalettes

As a cool hybrid (not a gmo), Kalettes takes the flavors of kale and brussel sprouts and mixes it into one super cruciferous veggie! Looking like a mini kale or a leafy brussel sprout, the colors are fantastic. The stems are purple and the leaves are green with a slight purple hue. As for nutrition, you can’t go wrong with any cousin of kale! High in iron and fiber this veggie will not disappoint.

To store your kalettes, place in the refrigerated until they are ready to be used. If they need to be freshened up submerge into an ice bath and use in a salad spinner to remove excess water. We highly recommended to keep this leafy veggie in a glass or plastic container or the very least in plastic bag and tucked in the crisper drawer to stay fresh. Remember, leafy greens need moisture to stay looking their best!

The earthy taste of these little beauties is great on the grill, roasted, sauteed, or chopped up raw into a salad.

Kalette Recipes

Check out the Sauteed Kalettes with Ginger Recipe in this video:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Returning your produce box clean and undamaged means that we can use it again and again. This keeps costs down, minimizes landfill waste and keeps our carbon footprint smaller. Boxes that aren’t returned will incur a $5.00 replacement fee, so be sure to put it out for pickup!

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