Customizing your Order

Have no fear! Customizing your order each week is easy. You may change quantities, delete items you don’t wish to receive, and add any items from the online shop with a click of the button. We have created an instructional video and created written instructions on customizing your box below:

Login to your FPP Account

  1. Click on “Customize now”. Customization is available from Friday through Sunday. The cut off is Sunday 10pm to make any changes or to put your order on delivery hold. However, after Jan 1, 2015 the cutoff will extend to Monday at noon.                                                         .ClickCustomizeNow
  2. To delete an item, click on the “x’ icon to the right of the item you do not wish to receive in the shopping cart. The shopping cart is located on the right side of the screen.                                     ClickDelete
  3. To add items, simply select the quantity and hit the “Add” button. The item will automatically add to your shopping cart.                                                      AddingItems
  4. Many of our shop items have the choice of a one-time delivery or to be placed on a recurring schedule. When the item is available for a recurring delivery, the following pop up will appear when you hit the “Add” button. Simply choose your delivery option from the drop down and check the dates you would like for delivery. Click “Save and Continue Shopping” and the item will appear in your cart.  OneTimeOrder
  5. As you change your order, the total at the bottom of the shopping cart adjusts accordingly. When you are finished customizing your order, click “Submit Order”. You will receive a pop-up confirmation and an email confirmation with your order details.                                                       Submit Order

VOILA! Your order is complete.


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