Newsletter: Nov 5, 2014

Nothing Says November like Calabaza Pumpkins!

Your Calabaza Pumpkin came to us from Brown’s Farm  in Orange Heights, Florida – less than 100 miles from most of our customers’ homes.

Calabaza Picture Taken by Brown’s Farm

Calabaza, also known as a West Indian Pumpkin, might be low in calories and fat but is packed with beneficial nutrients. A one cup serving has over 17% of your RDA of Vitamin C and nearly 200% of Vitamin A! Store whole squash in a cool, dark place up to six weeks. Keeping the skin dry is important as moisture will begin to rot your squash. If you’re not going to use your whole squash at once, place cut pieces in a plastic container into the refrigerator and use within one week.

This pumpkin is super tasty! The sweet, succulent flesh has a flavor much like the butternut or acorn squash. In fact, most winter squash or pumpkin recipes can substituted out for Calabaza. The seeds can be toasted and eaten as a snack or a salad topping. While you can eat the skins of many squashes, the “winter squashes” and pumpkin skins are not normally considered edible. You’ll need to remove the seeds and stringy fibers from the middle of the pumpkin before cooking it. This can be tricky. I find it helpful to put an old, clean dishtowel that I don’t mind poking holes in bunched up on the cutting board to keep the squash from rolling and sliding. Carefully stab it through the middle until you hit the board, then tip it up and cut through that side. Repeat on the other side.

Calabaza can be eaten many different ways! Check out these recipes to get your creative side running:

OUR STANDARD BOXES – please note that items may change due to weather or supply issues.

Local Bin (Mini): (Organic Lacinato Kale, Calabaza Pumpkin, Patty Pan Squash, Fall Glow Tangerines, Corn), Cabbage, Eggplant, Mini Cukes

Organic Bin, (Mini): (Lacinato Kale, Grape Tomatoes, Arugula, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Ambrosia Apples, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Bartlett Pear

Grab & Go: Grape Tomatoes, Mini Cukes, Baby Carrots, Baby Spinach, Bartlett Pears, Pomegranates, Fall Glow Tangerines

Small Fruit: Ambrosia Apples, Fall Glow Tangerines, Pineapple, Bananas

Large Fruit: Ambrosia Apples, Fall Glow Tangerines, Pineapple, Bananas, Bartlett Pear, Pomegranates, Kiwi

Recipes Ideas –

Making Substitutions

Have no fear! If you do not like one of our pre-selected items in your regular sized organic or local bin, you have the choice to remove it! Log in your account at and hit the “customize now” button and zero out the items you wish to leave out.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Returning your boxes clean and undamaged means that we can use it again and again. This keeps costs down, minimizes landfill waste and keeps your carbon footprint smaller. Boxes that aren’t returned will incur a replacement fee, so be sure to put it out for pickup

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