Veggie Bin has Teamed up with Daytona’s Front Porch Pickings

The Veggie Bin has Teamed Up with Daytona’s Front Porch Pickings!
If you missed our email a couple of weeks ago — you missed our BIG news. The Veggie Bin has merged with Daytona’s farm to table service, Front Porch Pickings (FPP). The owners of FPP, Nicole Lebron and her dad, Jan Pittard and I have been “informally” working together since January 2011 when we both had only 20 to 30 customers each. We are excited to “officially” work together! Combined, we are serving over 800 customers from Jacksonville to Daytona under the name Front Porch Pickings.

So what does this mean for you? As a Veggie Bin member much will stay the same, but here are the changes we have implemented:

• Our Name: We will be taking the name Front Porch Pickings.
• More box options: We have added a Grab & Go Box, perfect mix of local and organic (global) items that you can eat raw for $28.
• More Store Items Available Each Week: One of the benefits of joining forces is that we will now have access to more products than previously offered as we will be going to more farms each week and have more items through our organic distributor.
 Large Fruit: Instead of double the fruit of our small fruit, it will now contain 6-7 different fruit items
 Billing: For your convenience, we will now bill all of our customers on the day of your delivery. Therefore, if you place your delivery on vacation hold, you don’t have to worry about a credit on your account because you won’t be charged unless we deliver!
• Thursday Delivery: All of our Thursday deliveries will now be on Wednesdays.


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