Newsletter: May 6, 2014

4 Years and Counting!

Did you know that The Veggie Bin has been toting veggies from local farms to our customers front doors for 4 years now. Yep, this May is our 4 year anniversary! We love that you have made us a local success story and we want to share that love with you.  For the entire month of May, you will earn a $15 referral credit for each person you refer to us. No if, ands, or buts about it — when your friends or family members type in your name on the order form you’ll get a $15 credit good towards your June invoice. Use it for the coffee you always wanted to try, the bread your neighbor has been raving about, or simply as a discount on your bin deliveries. There is no limit — so shout out from the rooftops my fellow Veggie Binners  — spring is a great time of year to experience the Bin.

Thanks again for making us a success! We appreciate each and every one of you.

Amie & The Veggie Bin Team


North Florida Peaches!

We have Florida Peaches in our local bins again this week. Don’t be surprised when you open your bin to find these peaches are much smaller than the ones you will find at the grocery store. This variety of peach will get a little bit larger over the course of the season, but are smaller than the peaches we are used to seeing in Georgia or South Carolina.

To store your peaches, just simply place them on your kitchen counter top. Peaches can be set in a bowl, but its best if you store them upside down on their shoulders, not touching each other.  If they need a little ripening, you can always place in a brown paper bag for a couple of days to speed up the process.

Stock Up on Staples!

Don’t forget to check out our online store for more veggies, fruit, and staples! This week we will have:

  • Bananas (ECU)
  • Blueberries
  • Avocado
  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Small White Potatoes (C. FL)
  • Pecans (N. FL)
  • Grits & Meal (N. FL)
  • Brown Rice (S. FL)
  • Lentils (US)
  • Yaupon Asi Tea (C. FL)
  • Intuition Ale Cookbook  (Jax)
  • and more!

OUR VEGGIE BINS – please note that items may change due to weather or supply issues.

Local Bin (Mini):  (Blueberries, Corn, Potatoes, Patty Pan Squash, Sweet Bell Peppers), Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans, Sweet Onions, Florida Peaches

Organic Bin (Mini):  (Blueberries, Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Beans, Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes, Sunburst PattyPan), Eggplant, Cantaloupe, Bell Peppers

Fruit: Gala Apples, Pears, Kiwi, Blueberries

Recipes Ideas – Don’t forget to share YOUR Veggie Bin creations on our Facebook page!

Making Substitutions

Have no fear! If you do not like on our our selected items in your regular sized organic or local bin, you have the choice to remove it and double another item that’s already in the bin or make a substitution. And if you have too many veggies, the great news is that you can always select French Pantry Baguettes as one of your substitutions! Find step by step instructions in our blog post.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Returning your bin clean and undamaged means that we can use it again and again. This keeps costs down, minimizes landfill waste and keeps your carbon footprint smaller. Bins that aren’t returned will incur a replacement fee, so be sure to put it out for pickup!

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