Thanks for a great season!

It’s that time, friends! The Veggie Bin is on hiatus for the entire months of August and September. It’s just too hot to grow much more than eggplant and peppers right now. The 2013-2014 season will start the first week of October, assuming mother nature takes care of our farmers over the next two months.


All of our current customers will be automatically enrolled for next season and will receive deliveries when we come back in October. Please make any changes to your deliveries by logging into your account. We will email you reminders starting mid September with your exact start date.

New to us? Be sure to sign up over the summer and get on our delivery route now!


While our farmers are busy planting next season’s harvest, we are busy at the Veggie Bin planning our yearly improvements! Each year, we offer a very limited number of annual memberships at a discounted rate in order to micro-fund our projects. In the past, we have used this capital to buy our delivery van, build a large cooler, and install our new software. This year, our goal is to fund the beginnings of a commercial kitchen. We dream of offering jams, pickles, pastas, breads, & more!

We are offering 6 annual memberships for our weekly local bin at $900. That’s a discount of $175 for the 2013-2014 season! Plus, you will receive 5% off of any additional purchases you make in our online store throughout the season. This annual membership gives our loyal customers a discount and allows the Veggie Bin to expand by using dollars within our own community! We believe this “microfunding” of capital is a win-win situation and we’d like to offer you the opportunity to join us.

Our 6 memberships this year will be used for new electrical and plumbing in our space! Simply email us at and we’ll set up your account in our new system. Payment is due by August 31st.


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