Weekly Newsletter 02-19-13

Carrots, Strawberries, red lettuce, green kale, potatoes, cubanelle peppers, onions, tomatoes on the vine, cucumbers

Recipes for This Week’s Bin

We want you to get the most out of your Veggie Bin. Utilize every tasty bite with some of these recipes which feature every item you’ll get this week.

Recipe Note: Some recipes may call for more or less produce than you receive. We feature recipes which can be doubled or halved if necessary. Enjoy!

Please feel free to share YOUR Veggie Bin creations on our Facebook page!

Fruit Bin

  • Kiwi
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Gala Apples
  • Blueberries

100% Organic Bin

  • Carrots
  • Strawberries
  • Red Lettuce
  • Snow Peas
  • Artichokes
  • Carrots with tops
  • Anjou Pears
  • Romanesco (Not Pictured)

Black = Locally Sourced Conventionally Produced
Green = Locally Sourced Organics
Blue = Globally Sourced Organics

Let’s Just Say We Have “Variety” Weather!

Our farmers have experienced some serious highs and lows this season. Just a few days ago, we had our shorts on and couldn’t believe it was 85 degrees in winter! Unfortunately, in the past week, our farmers have needed to cover their fields and take steps to deal with multiple hard freezes. We’re rolling with the weather punches along with them. On weeks like this, we have to make last minute adjustments depending on what our farmers have to offer. Sometimes, what’s in the bin is almost as much of a surprise to our team as it is to your family! Rest assured you’ll find the same level of quality and variety you’ve come to expect. And of course, you’re directly helping farmers through these tough weather patches by buying local! Stay warm!

Looking Ahead

Some of our customers choose to participate in “No Meat March” – an event encouraging people to try the meatless lifestyle for a full month. We’re here to help! Throughout the month of March, we’re offering a DOUBLE local bin option – everything you’d get in your regular Veggie Bin x2! Simply email us at info@theveggiebin.com with the subject line “No Meat March” and let us know that you’d like a SUPER-SIZED Veggie Bin next month. This double bin will only be an additional $20 – a $5 savings each week! In addition, we’ll be helping our meatless friends with an extra meatless recipe section in our newsletter.

Happy Cooking!

~Amie and The Veggie Bin Team

Carrots Unearthed!

Your carrots came to us from The Family Garden, less than 100 miles from most of our customers’ homes.

Carrots are chock full of all sorts of nutritional goodness. Vitamin A means Mom wasn’t wrong when she said there are no bunnies wearing glasses. Low in calories, rich in antioxidants and fiber, these veggies are often the very thing that comes to mind when we think of healthful vegetables. This week’s carrots will have their tops intact, the scent of which will remind you how closely they are related to parsley, celery and cilantro. The high level of potassium in these greens makes them so bitter that most folks throw them out, but if you’re interested in using them, check out this link.

No matter where you come down on the Carrot Top debate, you’ll want to quickly separate the tops from the carrots. When you receive them, the green tops are still a living plant. They continue drawing nutrients and moisture from the carrots as long as they are attached. To keep your carrots from losing their crunch, chop off the tops and store the carrots in a plastic bag in your fridge. Always remember that your Veggie Bin produce is real food that was happily deep in the dirt not long ago, so wash thoroughly before preparing any of our produce!

Want to learn how to make snootily gorgeous carrots Jardinière (batons) like a chef? Watch this extremely well accented video!

Carrot Recipes

Need Veggie Tech Support? Visit us on Facebook to share recipes and tips with other Veggie Bin customers and ask any questions you might have about the contents of your bin. You can also email us at info@theveggiebin.com.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Returning your bin clean and undamaged means that we can use it again and again. This keeps costs down, minimizes landfill waste and keeps your carbon footprint smaller. Bins that aren’t returned will incur a replacement fee, so be sure to put it out for pickup!


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