IMPORTANT December Scheduling Notice!

Happy Holidays!

This year several of our farmers are celebrating Christmas out of town, a luxury that many of them haven’t had in the past. Though we will miss the veggies that week, we are excited that they will be spending the holidays with their loved ones. Please make a note that there will be NO Veggie Bin deliveries the week of Christmas (December 26 & 27).

EVERY WEEK CUSTOMERS: Your deliveries will resume as normal the follwing week, Jan 2nd and 3rd.

ALL EVERY OTHER WEEK CUSTOMERS: All every other week deliveries will be pushed back by one week from the regular schedule.  If you would have received your bin on the 26/27th of December, you will now receive your bin on Jan 2/3rd. If you were originally scheduled for Jan 2/3rd, you will now receive your bin on January 9/10th. If you are unsure of your schedule please check your invoice for dates!

Traveling this holiday season? Suspending your Veggie Bin deliveries is easy!
Simply email us at by 5 p.m. the Monday before you need to suspend. We can only credit you if you let us know by that time, otherwise we’ll have already ordered your produce! Temporary suspension of deliveries is available year-round, so when you’re on the move, let us know!

Wishing you a warm and safe holiday season,
~Amie & the Veggie Bin Team



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