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Hi Veggie Bin Fans!

We are sure you don’t need a reminder, but while you are enjoying your Veggie Bin, you are also doing much more. This week, we will visit a group of young students and ask them why they think it’s important to buy produce locally.

Here are some more facts from the Green Kitchen Blog.

Well, nutrition is important, right? And preserving our environment? And supporting the community where you live? All of the above. Locally grown produce retains more of its nutritional value than it would if it had travelled long distances and is picked at the peak of its seasonal freshness, not picked early and allowed to ripen unnaturally. Fewer vegetables having to travel long distances means less of a carbon footprint. Buying food that is in season cuts down on waste in many ways and keeps farms family owned and community friendly.

We’re glad to be able to plant some seeds in the minds of a few students about where their food comes from!

Also, join us in November at the Northeast Florida VegFest on Saturday, November 3rd in Riverside Park. 10:00am – 5pm.
~Amie and The Veggie Bin Team

This Week’s Bin:

Local Bin, October 23, 2012: A: Whiteacre Peas | B: Radishes with Greens | C: Green Onions | D: Arugula | E: Green Beans | F: Lemon | G: Poblano Peppers | H: Persimmons

Organic Bin, October 23, 2012: A: Green Beans | B: Arugula | C: Lemon | D: Green Onions E: Collard Greens F: Poblano Peppers | G: Radish with Greens | H: Grape Tomatoes | I: Cauliflower

Fruit Bin, October 23, 2012: Red Pears | Bananas | Pluots | Grapes

Items are color coded: Local Organic | Organic Local Conventional


This Week’s Veggie Unearthed: String Beans

Green beans, string beans, snap beans, haricots verts, whatever you want to call them, these beans are delicious and versatile. Green beans are known to be low in fat and high in soluble fiber, Vitamin K and protein plus other vital minerals like iron. The variety of nutritional benefits from eating green beans are often overlooked and they are simply chosen for their fresh taste. Classics like green bean casserole are a staple around most family kitchens .

Add-On Items: Order by 5pm Monday!

We have a special treat! Corn grits and corn meal grown and ground by Teagan Farms of Callahan. This corn is an heirloom seed called Flint and has been traced back in their family for 100 years.  $6.00 a bag (sandwich size bag) — email info@theveggiebin.com to add to your order.


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