Eat Where You Plant Your Feet Week

We’re excited to announce Eat Where you Plant Your Feet Week! Pull up your shirt sleeves and get dirty in North Florida produce. From May 7-12, gobble up on a full weeks worth of events. There is something for everyone – chefs, gardeners, health conscious & food lovers!

The Veggie Bin’s Community Social Supper

The Veggie Bin will host a Community Social Supper at Intuition Ale Works on Tuesday, May 8th – 6:30 p.m.! This Eat Where You Plant Your Feet event will be a chance for local food enthusiasts to get together, build community, meet new friends and trade great local food ideas.

Volunteer table captains will receive a free Veggie Bin before the supper then prepare the local produce into a dinner for 3-5 friends invited to dine at their table. Captains will provide the linens and dishware that best complement their dishes. Each table will receive a six-pack of scrumptious Intuition Ale to wash it all down. It’s absolutely free – no tickets, no donation and no cover – just dynamic local folks and great local food.

We have a limited number of tables available, so if you’d like to be a part of this unique community food event, please email to reserve your Veggie Bin and table now. Also be sure to join us in the Eat Where You Plant Your Feet community on Facebook to get info on all the great events happening.

Happy Cooking!


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