News from the Veggie Bin: December 8, 2011

What’s in the bin this week?

The Veggie Bin: 12/08/11

Top row left to right – Green kale*, purple kohlrabi*, satsumas*, arugula*

Bottom row left to right – Broccoli*, Icicle radish*, pepper mix, Japanese eggplant, green onions*

* indicates organic produce

Please check out our YouTube page to see a video explaining the Bin contents with sourcing information.

This week’s Veggie Unearthed — Purple Kohlrabi


That little purple Sputnik in your bin this week isn’t alien in origin – it’s a purple kohlrabi! It’s a marriage of two German words, kohl (cabbage) and rabi (turnip). It’s low in calories and contains no fat or cholesterol, yet a half cup serving gives you 70% of your vitamin C for the day. Store your little veggie satellite by trimming any greens (can be used as you would beet greens) and placing in the highest humidity portion of your fridge. (That’s what the little sliding thingy is for on that veggie drawer!)

They can be eaten raw or cooked and taste quite a bit like broccoli stems with a bit of radish flavor, yet they behave like potatoes in texture. It can be steamed, buttered and nutmegged, boiled then pureed, sliced thin for Asian entree applications, shredded into slaw or you can peel, salt and munch raw. If you’re grilling the night you prepare your kohlrabi, consider peeling, cubing, drizzle with a bit of olive oil, season, then wrap those babies in a foil packet and put them on the grill next to your entree.

For a beautiful, healthy recipe, try Greek-Style Kohlrabi – pears, honey, feta cheese and dates – yum!

Have a Very Veggie Holiday

Show your friends, family and business contacts some love with gifts from the Veggie Bin. Of course, you can give the gift of home delivery all year long with both weekly and bi-weekly shares, but we’re also excited to offer gift bags and certificates this year.

Our coffee, tea and honey collection is just $26. Two organic soaps with a body butter is $15. Both are created by a local artisan and can be paired with a $25 Veggie Bin gift certificate to introduce your gift recipient to the joy of real food on their doorstep. Just contact us at to order your gifts delivered at your convenience with your regular bin.

Consider including our add-on items to your regular order to use as gifts! No store, no lines, no shopping, no problem – just explore our offerings, choose your local, sustainable gifts and we’ll deliver them to your door. All you have to do is collect the gratitude!

A Little Green Thought

It’s easy to find blockbuster vegetables in markets, especially in Autumn. Sometimes enormous veggies and fruits are a beautiful accident of nature, brought about by positive conditions and lucky weather cycles. But, much like the chickens we’ve all heard eventually topple over under the weight of their own breasts, bigger isn’t always better. The people in the white lab coats happily oblige those seeking varieties that look like they were zapped by a space ray. Here at The Veggie Bin, we’re looking for a few simple factors – flavor, sustainability and local responsibility. The produce you get in your Bin may not be bigger than your head, but you can bet it’s the best our area has to offer — no test tube required.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Please remember that you can re-use your Veggie Bin boxes. Just leave your empty boxes at your door or hand them off to our delivery folks to make yet another contribution to keeping your footprint small.

Finally, The Veggie Bin will participate in the Daniel Wish Granters Holiday Drive. If you would like to contribute, please send along an unwrapped new toy in a gift bag with your empty boxes next week and we’ll deliver your contribution to Daniel. To learn more about this children’s foundation or to make a monetary contribution, please visit the Daniel website. Thank you!

Happy Cooking!


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